Sonoran Dark Skies
Images of the Night Sky taken from the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona
Nebulae is the plural form of nebula which is derived from latin. A nebula is a molecular cloud of gas that is either glowing due to energy from a nearby star or is reflecting light from a nearby object.
Helix Nebula, NGC 7293
"The Eye of God"
Nebulae - Page 2
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NGC 1579
Orion Nebula, M42
Crab Nebula, M1
Jelly Fish Nebula, IC 443 in Normal Light Redo
Baby Chick Nebula, SH2-136
Ring Nebula, M57
Eagle Nebula, M16 Cropped w/Pillars of Creation in Red Light
Eagle Nebula,M16 in Red Light
NGC 4361 Planetary Nebula Redo
NGC 3242 Planetary Nebula
SH2-292 Nebula
Lower's Nebula, SH2-261
IC 1318 Nebula
Eagle Nebula, M16 Redo
SH2-33 Nebula
Abell 39 Planetary Nebula
NGC 2170
NGC 7129
This needs to be replaced with LRGB version M76, Little Dumbbell Nebula
NGC 7635, Bubble Nebula Redo
For images of nebulae taken using NARROWBAND FILTERS, go to the Narrowband link above.
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