Sonoran Dark Skies
Images of the Night Sky taken from the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona
Narrowband imaging uses special filters which transmit a very narrow wavelength of light. Most popular are three filters: Ha, SII, & OIII. These three transmit the most prevalent ionized gases: hydrogen alpha, sodium, and oxygen. These separate images are combined in one of many ways, to equate to red, green, and blue. Two common ways to "map" these colors are called the Hubble Palette and CFHT (Canada France Hawaii Telescope) Palette. So called because of the origin of their use. Hubble images map SII to red, Ha to green, and OIII to blue. Most pleasing to my eye is the CFHT Palette so most of my images are in this format where Ha is red, OIII is green, and SII is blue. My narrowband imaging efforts begin September 2008.
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PK164+31.1 in OSH Palette
PK164+31.1 in OHS Palette
PK164+31.1 in HSO Palette
PK164+31.1 in CFHT Palette
Crab Nebula, M1 in CFHT Palette
PK164+31.1 in SOH Palette
PK164+31.1 in Hubble Palette
NGC 2174 Monkey Head Nebula in HSO
SH2-249 Nebula
SH2-231 Nebula
"Jumping Frog" Nebula, SH2-185
SH2-88 Nebula
Abell 36
Medusa Nebula, SH2-274
NGC 2174 Monkey Head Nebula in SHO
M76 Little Dumbbell Nebula in SHO
SH2-224 Pretzel Heart Nebula
SH2-101 Tulip Nebula
sonorandarkskies010012.jpg sonorandarkskies010011.jpg sonorandarkskies010010.jpg sonorandarkskies010009.jpg sonorandarkskies010008.jpg sonorandarkskies010007.jpg sonorandarkskies010006.jpg sonorandarkskies010005.jpg sonorandarkskies010004.jpg
SH2-112 In SHO
sonorandarkskies010003.jpg sonorandarkskies010002.jpg sonorandarkskies010001.jpg