Sonoran Dark Skies
Astro-Physics Starfire 140 EDT F7.5 refractor beginning 2/08/08
Astro-Physics Starfire 130 EDT F8 refractor until 1/11/08
Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO mount beginning 3/26/08
Losmandy G11 mount with Gemini control until 3/14/08
SBIG ST-2000XM CCD until May 2010
SBIG ST-10XME beginning May 2010
SBIG CFW-10 filter wheel (Replaced CFW-8 w/ CFW-10 as of 8/15/08 to
   add narrowband filters)
Astrodon Gen II Filters - Luminance, red, green, blue, Ha, SII, & OIII
Canon 350D (Rebel XT) modified by Hutech
8" Advanced Telescope Systems Portable Pier
Starlight Instruments motorized FeatherTouch focuser
William Optics Megrez 80mm guide scope
Finger Lakes Instruments Off Axis guider
Meade 10" LX200 GPS
 JMI Wheeley Bars
 CCD Commander
 TheSky6 Pro
 Pempro V2
 PhotoShop CS6
 Neat Image
AP 120 with Losmandy Gemini G11 Mount
AP 130 with AP Mach1 Mount
AP 140 with AP Mach1 Mount
Images of the Night Sky taken from the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona