Lagoon Nebula, M8
Copyright 2011
Larry Phillips
M8, Lagoon Nebula in the constellation Sagittarius

Cataloged as NGC 6523

This is one of the finest and brightest star-forming regions in the sky. It is a giant cloud of interstellar matter which is currently undergoing vivid star formation, and has already formed a considerable cluster of young stars.

Distance: Estimated at 5200 light years
Size: An estimated 140 light years across
Camera: SBIG ST-2000XM
Telescope: Astrophysics Starfire 130 EDT F8
Mount: Losmandy G11 with Gemini Control with Advanced Telescope Systems portable pier
Images: 4 luminance @ 5 minutes each, 4 Red @ 5 minutes each, 4 Green @ 5 minutes each, 4 Blue @ 5 minutes each
Date: May 2007
Software: Camera and guider control - CCDSoft, calibration and stacking - CCDStack, creation of color image - Photoshop CS2