Comet Holmes
Copyright 2011
Larry Phillips
Comet 17P/Holmes

Taken November 8, 2007

Camera was a Canon 350D with a Hutech modification. Tracking via ST-2000XM CCD attached to an AP 130EDT telescope on a Losmandy G11 mount.

Used a Nikon 300mm F4 ED lens exposed at f5.6

A total of 22 images of 60 sec. duration were stacked and processed in Photoshop. Alignment was made using the stars. This created a slightly elongated comet due to its movement over the approximately 25 minutes of exposures. To me this is more pleasing than aligning on the comet which causes star trails. The comet was located in the constellation Perseus near the bright star Mirfak. Calibration and stacking was done in ImagesPlus and further adjustments made in Photoshop.