NGC 896 in LRGB
Copyright 2014
Larry Phillips
NGC 896 is an emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is the bright knot of nebulosity just outside of the Heart Nebula, IC 1805.

Distance: 6000 light years
Size: 70 LY across
Camera: SBIG ST-10XME
Telescope: Astrophysics Starfire 140 EDT F7.5
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO with Advanced Telescope Systems portable pier
Images: An LRGB image with 202 subexposures of 5 minutes each with 39 of L, 59 of red, 54 of green, & 50 of blue for a total time of 16 hours & 50 minutes.
Date: November 2012
Software: Camera, mount, and guider control - CCD Commander & MaximDL; calibration, stacking, & color creation in CCDStack, and further processing in Photoshop CS6.